AS92 Heat Detection Tape Product Video

The video explains the working rule of Heat Detection Tape, an innovative warning tape with the unique feature of hot surfaces detection, with max temperature range up to 120°C.

AS92 Heat Detection Tape is a self-adhesive tape designed especially for any objects, like piping systems, tanks or chambers, that are not supposed to get hot. The tape is to sensor and to provide visual recognition of surfaces exceeding the temperature of approx. 60°C, as such temperature is considered to cause skin burns.

Whenever the temperature of an object exceeds the safe level of 60°C, the applied AS92 tape immediately changes colour from black to vibrant red and exposes warning symbols. As soon as the temperature drops, the symbols disappear and the tape returns to its original colour. 

AS92 Heat Detection Tape has a wide field of applications and increases the level of safety of industrial installations, engine rooms, offshore platforms or any other places at risk of heat burns as a result of a skin contact with a hot surface.

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