AS64 Sealing Mass Product Video

AS64 Sealing Mass is a permanently plastic sealant, making it a perfect product especially for sealing external and underground electrical cable boxes, cable ducts and pipe penetrations. Adequately sealed cables are protected against moisture and corrosion. It provides excellent water-tight properties and flexible seal, which is an additional advantage as opposed to cement fillings known to be likely to crack.

As Sealing Mass does not harden over time, it is a very convenient solution thanks to which the protected cables can be removed from the mass at any time, with no need to cut them off. It is available as one component, sealing and anti-corrosive synthetic mass in a cartridge, which requires minimal surface preparation.

Sealing Mass offers excellent adhesion to metal, concrete, ceramic and plastic surfaces and can be used in low voltage up to 1000V. Dielectric properties tested in accordance to EN-06043-1, IEC 60250.

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