AS65 FireSeal – Most Fire-resistant sealant

We are pleased to inform that we have extended our MED-approved product range with AS65 Flex 310M FireSeal.

AS65 FireSeal, in short, is an adhesive and sealant dedicated to the marine and offshore industries, due to its low flame spread characteristics. It meets the highest standards in maritime fire protection. The product ensures elastic and strong bond and can be used for many application areas. It is suitable for fire barriers and covers, for joints in non-structural components with fire resistance requirements, for connection joints and for sealing cable ducts, pipe openings and housings.

AS65 Flex 310M FireSeal  – characteristics:

– excellent fire-resistance up to 120 min.

– very low smoke emissions /allows safe indoor application

– MED Mark of Conformity

– tested and classified for all joint structures acc. to EN 1366-4

– strong elastic bond to absorb vibrations

– one-component, easy to use

For more information on the AS65 FireSeal, please contact our Team at:

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