MF40 Pipe Repair Kit Product Video

This video manual presents the components and complete installation steps of MF 40 Pipe Repair Kit on the leaking pipe. MF40 can fix active and non-active leaks quickly, to avoid facility downtime and damages. It can be used as a permanent or temporary fix, until the pipe is replaced.

MF40 is a fast-curing and easy to use set suitable for pipes made of: steel, aluminium, copper, PVC, fiberglass, concrete and other. Also suitable for T and elbow joints. For rubber elastic pipes and hoses, it is recommended to use MF50 Anti-leak Tape.  Pipe Repair Kit can be used on pipes with internal pressure up to 400 psi (27,5 bar) and contents including mild acids and alkalis, water, hydrocarbon, fuel, bases, solvents, slurries, gases, chemicals, organic salts.

The installation process takes only a few minutes, as a result a pipe is ready to be used within an hour. Pipe Repair Kit does not require any specialised equipment.


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