Pipe marking colour identification and dimensions

This is a comprehensive guide on identification pipe marking colours for the content of piping systems according to ISO 14726 standard, including single and multi-colour combinations for ships and marine industry.

A-SPE pipe markers are made to the latest standards and regulations required by customers and can be designed to comply with one of the following norms: ISO 14726:2008, BS-1710 / BS-4800, ANSI/ASME A13-1, TRGS-201, or any other marine and industrial standard. Apart from specific colour-coding which identifies a pipe medium and possible hazards related to that substance, pipe labels can be equipped with additional information, including flow direction, secondary language, system code, system description, line numbers or QR codes.|

The font type and the letter height are another requirements that have to be taken into account, so that the markers are clearly visible and legible. The appropriate text size of a pipe marker has to correspond to the size of a pipe and this can be further found in our Pipe Marking Dimension Table below.

Basic identification tapes (acc. to ISO 14726:2008)

Type Description Ordering code ISSA IMPA
Waste media SC40 47.521.40 33.2140
Fresh water SC41 47.521.41 33.2141
Fuel SC42 47.521.42 33.2142
Sea Water SC43 47.521.43 33.2143
Non-flammable Gases SC44 47.521.44 33.2144
Air and sounding pipes SC45 47.521.45 33.2145
Oil other than fuels SC46 47.521.46 33.2146
Steam SC47 47.521.47 33.2147
Fire fighting SC48 47.521.48 33.2148
Acids & Alkalis SC49 47.521.49 33.2149
Air in ventilation systems SC50 47.521.50 33.2150
Flammable gases SC51 47.521.51 33.2151
Flow direction marking SC30 47.521.30 33.2130

Multi-colour permutations (acc. to ISO 14726:2008)

Type Description Ordering code
Waste media SC40
Black water MC40‑41
Waste oil / Used oil MC40‑42
Bilge water MC40‑43
Exhaust gas MC40‑44
Grey water MC40‑50
Sewage - contaminated MC40‑51
Fresh water SC41
Fresh water, sanitary MC41‑42
Potable water MC41‑43
Distillate MC41‑44
Gas turbine wash water MC41‑46
Feed water MC41‑47
Cooling fresh water MC41‑49
Chilled water MC41‑50
Condensate MC41‑51
Sea water SC43
Decontamination water MC43‑41
Sea water, sanitary MC43‑42
Ballast water MC43‑49
Cooling sea water MC43‑51
Fuel SC42
Heavy fuel oil (HFO) MC42‑40
Aviation fuel MC42‑41
Biological fuel MC42‑49
Gas-turbine fuel MC42‑50
Marine diesel fuel (MDO) MC42‑51
Non-Flammable gases SC44
Oxygen MC44‑41
Inert gas MC44‑42
Nitrogen MC44‑43
Refrigerant MC44‑45
Compressed air LP (low pressure) MC44‑46
Compressed air HP (high pressure) MC44‑48
Control air / Regulating air MC44‑49
Breathing air* MC44‑50
Breathing gas* MC44‑51
Air and sounding pipes SC45
Waste media MC45‑40
Fresh water MC45‑41
Fuel MC45‑42
Sea water MC45‑43
Non-flammable gases MC45‑44
Oil other than fuels MC45‑46
Steam MC45‑47
Fire fighting MC45‑48
Acids, alkalis MC45‑49
Ventilation system MC45‑50
Flammable gases MC45‑51
Oil other than fuels SC46
Thermal fluid MC46‑41
Lubricaition oil for gas turbines MC46‑43
Hydraulic fluid MC46‑44
Lubricaition oil for steam turbines MC46‑47
Lubricaition oil for gears MC46‑49
Lubrication oil for int. combustion engines MC46‑51
Steam SC47
Steam for heating purposes MC47‑40
Driving steam MC47‑43
Exhaust steam MC47‑50
Supply steam MC47‑51
Acids & Alkalis SC49
Air in ventilation systems SC50
Discharge air MC50‑40
Mechanical supply air - cold MC50‑41
Natural exhaust air MC50‑42
Atmospheric air MC50‑43
Mechanical exhaust air MC50‑44
Decontaminated supply air MC50‑45
Mechanical recirculated air MC50‑46
Mechanical supply air - warm MC50‑47
Smoke clearance MC50‑48
Conditioned supply air MC50‑49
Natural supply air MC50‑51
Fire fighting / Fire protection SC48
Fire-fighting water MC48‑43
Fire-fighting gas MC48‑44
Sprinkler water MC48‑46
Spray water MC48‑49
Fire-fighting powder MC48‑50
Fire-fighting foam MC48‑51
Flammable gases SC51
Hydrogen SC51‑41
Acetylene SC51‑44
Liquid gas SC51‑49

Dimension chart

The below table shows recommended pipe marker dimensions for most popular nominal pipe sizes. Each marker length comes with suitable font and arrow sizes. The sizes include a minimum 30mm overlap, however they do not include any additional pipe coatings like insulation etc. Information about insulation thickness or other coatings should be provided with other details necessary for the quotation.

DN - Nominal Pipe Diameter Pipe Diameter (inch) Length of the marker (mm) Letter height (mm) Arrow hieght (mm)
DN15 1/2" 100 6,5 16
DN20 3/4" 115 13 16
DN25 1" 135 13 16
DN32 1 1/4" 165 19 19
DN40 1 1/2" 190 19 19
DN50 2" 230 19 19
DN65 2 1/2" 270 32 32
DN80 3" 320 32 32
DN100 4" 395 32 32
DN150 6" 580 32 32
DN200 8" 760 32 32
DN250 10" 945 32 32
DN300 12" 1120 32 32
DN350 14" 1230 32 32
DN400 16" 1400 32 32
DN450 18" 1580 32 32
DN500 20" 1750 32 32
DN600 24" 2100 32 32
DN700 28" 2400 32 32
DN750 30" 2550 32 32
DN900 36" 3050 32 32
DN1100 44" 3700 32 32
DN1200 48" 4050 32 32