The brightest SOLAS Reflective Tape – now available!

We are pleased to inform that we have complemented the range of specialised marine safety tapes with the SOLAS Reflective Tape.

FD1403 ORALITE® is the brightest retroreflective tape on the market. This versatile in use tape is dedicated for application to both, rigid and non-rigid maritime substrates, like life rafts, life vests, life boats and life buoys in order to assist in their detection. It is available in silver, with retroreflection in bright white.

It is SOLAS and IMO-compliant (Type I and Type II), a highly weather and solvent resistant material for continuous outdoor exposure, including continuous submersion in sea water. This way, it ensures that your Life-saving equipment remains always highly visible in night-time, regardless of the harsh weather conditions in the marine/ offshore environment.

Oralite SOLAS reflective tape is also approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation specification USCG 46 CFR, section 164.018. The tape carries a permanent ships wheel marking for immediate compliance identification of the material.

For more information on the SOLAS Reflective Tape, please contact our Team at:

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