Internal Laboratory

To sustain and grow our business, we constantly search for innovative ideas to create new and improved products.For this reason, A-SPE operates a well equipped laboratory that allows us to perform internally the majority of quality tests of the products distributed by our company.

Photoluminescent materials measurements

Our laboratory equipped with professional and regularly calibrated luminance meter is able to perform measurements in accordance to DIN 67510 norm. Tests can be performed on any type of the photoluminescent surface like LLL systems, IMO signs, luminous warning tape as well as on the raw materials like photoluminescent pigments.

imo safety signs growing with luminance meter

Accelerated weathering tests in dry and wet environment

Environmental chambers allows to simulate extreme outdoor conditions in order to evaluate the expected lifetime of the various products. Due to use of the aggravated conditions of heat, sunlight and humidity it is possible to speed up the normal aging process several times.

tool in laboratory for accelerated weathering tests in dry and wet environment

Photometric performance measurements in dry and wet environment

Our retroreflectometer allows to measure the photometric performance of any reflective material at 0.2º observation angle and 5º entrance angle. The unique water spray system allows to examine the influence of the water on the photometric performance in the real time.

specialized laboratory tool for photometric performance measurements

Heat resistance tests

Some of our products needs to stand a very high temperatures and are exposed to harsh environmental conditions. To ensure that the products supplied to our customers meets the required temperature parameters all raw materials are tested in our laboratory oven. It is equipped with forced air function and allows to achieve a maximum temperature of 310°C.

specialized laboratory furnace for testing the thermal resistance of products

Pressure resistance tests

Custom designed pressure test apparatus is used for examination of the safety products which requires high pressure resistance – for example: anti-splashing tapes, pipe repair kits or anti leak tapes. The equipment can generate the maximum pressure of 150 bars and the tests can be performed on a flange or straight pipe with use of water, oil or gases.

gauge timer for pressure resistance test

Colorimetric measurement

A production of the color identification tapes and markers requires a precise control over the selected colors. It is necessary in order to follow the ISO 14726 regulation and in order to achieve a good repeatability of the various production batches. The colorimeter allows to check the exact color coordinates and to compare it between the selected samples.

Colorimetric measurement tool in laboratory

Fume hood

Fire retardance and fire resistance are verified in fume hood according to IEC 60092-101:2001.

laboratory station with a burner for testing the flammability of products