exemplary markers for marking pipelines with increased resistance

Pipe Markers Advanced

Higher temperature resistant pipe markers with prolonged durability.

Advanced Pipe Markers

The high durability of AS11 Advanced Pipe Markers is attributed to two key features: their resistance to higher temperatures and a UV-resistant protective laminate. This makes them a dependable choice for demanding marine environments where markers need to ensure readibility and clear identification for safety and operational efficiency.

Due to the protective laminate layer, pipe marking tapes have improved colour fastness and excellent resistance to prolonged sunlight exposure, even for exterior pipes. A very good chemical resistance ensures reliable material performance.

pipielines with valves and example of using pipe marking green tape with white arrows

High Temperature resistance

excellent resistance to weather conditions and UV rays

very good chemical resistance

custom production with any texts and graphics

high quality acrylic adhesive

Higher Temperature Resistance

Resistant to high temperatures up to 130°C, self-adhesive AS11 markers and tapes offer a longer service lifetime, reducing the need for frequent replacements and minimizing costs and maintenance efforts.

Our pipe identification tapes are digitally printed at an ISO:9001 certified facility using premium-quality materials, ensuring  that the markings retain integrity and colours intact for years.

pipeline with marker

Norms & Standards

A-SPE pipe labelling can be produced in accordance with the specific requirements of our customers and can be designed to comply with one of the following regulations:


AS11 is available in 10m long rolls or cut-to-size markers, in the following options:

Customization Options

Our pipe markers can be customized in many ways.
Contact  our Team if you have any special request.

  • Pipe Marking Tape with color

    Single Colour

    Represents principle colours for identification of media groups.

  • Pipe Marking Tape with color

    Multi Colour

    Multi-colour combinations, with additional colour for more detailed identification.

  • blue green pre-coiled marker and roll of pipe marker with black arrows

    Directional Arrows

    They come as multi-colour tapes or separate flow direction rolls.

  • colour pipe marker with signs and qr code

    Fully Customized

    We offer custom dimensions, texts, graphics, QR or bar codes.

  • Technical details

    • Base materialpolyester foil
    • Service temperature-40°C to 130°C
    • Mounting methodSelf-adhesive
    • UV resistance Excellent
    • Weather resistanceExcellent
    • Chemical resistanceGood
    • Seawater resistanceYes
    • Reuse after removingNo
    • Service lifetime*5-10 years
    * The actual lifetime of the markers depends on the particular conditions of use. Please contact our specialists for more information.
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