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Hatch Cover Tape

The function of hatch cover tapes is to protect the metal hatch covers on carriage ships against leakage of water into the carriage area.

Watertight Seal on the Hatch Covers

Extreme weather conditions often damage hatch covers making them prone to leakage, which may lead to damage of the transported cargo. Mareflex MF 30 Hatch Cover Tape is a self-adhesive, heavy-duty sealing tape which serves to close off the cargo holds and protect the goods against heavy rain and seawater.
MF 30 Tape is made of a very enduring and flexible material which guarantees the integrity of the cargo against environmental factors.

man on ship deck use black cover tape

What is Hatch Cover Tape

Mareflex MF 30 is composed of a bituminous mass which has the appropriate viscidity in order to ensure a watertight protection. It is equipped with polypropylene foil from one side and a release liner from the other.
Hatch Cover Tapes offer strong adhesion and are highly resistant to water, salt and other corrosive elements.

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Regulatory requirements

General regulations regarding Hatch Covers may be found in the Regulation UR S21, point 4.2 issued by the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS).IACS Recommendation No 14 “Hatch cover securing and tightness” provides details regarding Hatch Cover sealings:

2.2.2 Weathertight sealings are to be obtained by a continuous gasket of relatively soft elastic material compressed to achieve the necessary weathertightness. Similar sealing is to be arranged between cross-joint elements. Where fitted, compression flat bars or angles are to be well rounded where in contact with the gasket and are to be made of a corrosion-resistant material.

2.2.3 The gasket material is to be of a quality suitable for all environmental conditions likely to be experienced by the ship, and is to be compatible with the cargoes carried. The material and form of gasket selected is to be considered in conjunction with the type of cover, the securing arrangement and the expected relative movement between cover and ship structure. The gasket is to be effectively secured to the cover.


Installation instructions

  1. Before applying the Hatch Cover Tape, clean the surface thoroughly and make sure that the hatch cover is free of any salt from the sea-spray.
  2. The surface must be dry before tape application.
  3. In cold weather conditions use a torch to heat up the tape to achieve a better adhesive performance.
    The flame should be applied to the black surface after removing the release liner. Be careful not to use a torch in a fire danger areas.
  4. Immediately after heating, apply pressure to stick the tape onto the surface before the tape cools down, to ensure optimum adhesion.


Hatch Cover Tape