three elements of a complete anti-corrosion system

NoRust Petrolatum System

Complete anti-corrosion system with mastic, tape and protection cover.

Anti-Rust System

The NoRust System, consisting of NoRust Mastic, NoRust Tape and NoRust Cover, has been developed for long-term anti-corrosion protection of metal elements installed underwater, underground or exposed to weather conditions. The components adhere well to irregular shapes and surfaces, providing effective coverage and protection.

NoRust System is designed for the anti-corrosive protection of steel flanges, pipes, valves, welded connection points, electrical connection boxes or pipe crossings. It may be also used for waterproofing and sealing.

pipeline renovation with anticorrosive system

Cold application

NoRust Petrolatum is a cold application system, which does not require heat or special tools for installation. This makes it more user-friendly and less labour-intensive compared to hot-applied systems. The cold applied system also requires less extensive surface preparation compared to other anti-corrosion methods, and no curing time. NoRust System allows for easy and safe application.

NoRust Tape

It is composed of synthetic fabric impregnated with specially developed petrolatum compounds with a pleasant smell. It offers excellent corrosion protection for T-joints, flanges, muff joints, pipe fittings and valves. Enriched with corrosion inhibitors, NoRust Tape continually affects the treated surface, preserving its structure.

roll of antirust tape system

Features & Advantages

  • Does not change its properties over time (does not harden).
  • Compatible with all types of insulation coatings.
  • Easy and fast to apply.
  • High electric strength. Ideal for use as insulation in underground lightning connections.
  • Does not contain ingredients harmful to health and the environment (Certified by the National Institute of Hygiene).
  • Availability

    1. AS60/50 

    50 mm x 10 m

    2. AS60/100 

    100 mm x 10m

    Technical Details

    Total thickness
    ≥ 1,2 mm
    Dielectric strength
    9.72 kV/mm
    Operating temperature
    up to 30 °C
    Adhesion to protected surface

    NoRust Mastic

    NoRust Mastic, manufactured with deeply refined mineral oil and a hydrocarbons thickener, is infused with corrosion inhibitors and adhesion-improving components.
    It is highly flexible sealant specifically used for filling irregular surfaces, to level out irregular profiles and dimensions and to smooth two layer isolation systems. Mastic is perfect for flanges, pipe connections and ship fittings. It accommodates slight movements or expansions without cracking.

    three packages of mastic mass

    Anti-corrosion mastic is known for its long-lasting properties. Once applied, it can provide protection for many years, reducing the need for frequent maintenance or reapplication.

    Features & Advantages

  • Easy to apply
  • Resistant to moisture and insoluble in water
  • Environmentally friendly and safe for health, as certified by the National Institute of Hygiene.
  • Availability


    2 kg

    Technical Details

    ~ 1,4 kg/dm3
    200 °C
    Operating temperature
    up to 30 °C

    NoRust Cover

    Recommended for use as a mechanical protective layer over the corrosion protection provided by AS60 NoRust Tape. It is highly flexible and elastic, perfectly adapts to the surface of irregular shapes and surfaces.

    roll of black cover corrosion protection tape

    Features & Advantages

  • Easy and fast to apply
  • Frost resistant
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Resistant to attrition, moisture and ageing
  • Provides a minimum vapor permeability
  • Does not contain ingredients harmful to health and the environment (Certified by the National Institute of Hygiene).
  • Technical Details

    Total thickness
    0,19 mm
    Breakdown voltage
    7.6 kV min.
    Temperature range
    -10 to +85 °C
    Tensile strength
    min. 18 N/cm
    Adhesion to steel
    min. 1.8 N/cm
    min. 100 %

    NoRust Petrolatum System Video