two rolls of anti-corrosion zinc tape on blue background

NoRust Zinc Tapes

Versatile and easy-to-apply corrosion control coating system ensuring cathodic protection of metal structures.

Zinc Tapes

NoRust Zinc Anti-corrosive Tape is a flexible and self-adhesive material composed of high-purity zinc mass. The primary purpose of zinc tapes is to act as a sacrificial anode.

Zinc, being more anodic than steel, corrodes preferentially and protects the underlying metal surface from corrosion. This is especially useful for pipelines, storage tanks and marine structures.

3 rolls of zinc anti-corrosive tape

Electro-conductive Properties 

The adhesive layer of NoRust Zinc Tape features a special composition that combines glue and zinc powder, providing electro-conductive properties. This composition ensures that the protective current is distributed evenly across the metal surface and constant electrical contact between the zinc and the protected metal.

Properly installed, NoRust Zinc Tape offers long-term protection that, in most situations, will last for the lifetime of the protected object.

two metal elements subjected to the salt water test

Behaviour on metal surface

Zinc, being more electrochemically active than iron, acts as an effective anode when used to cover steel surfaces. This prevents the formation of small anodic and cathodic regions on the metal surface, thereby significantly reducing the development and spread of corrosion.

As a sacrificial coating, zinc always corrodes first, in contrast to other coatings like paint or aluminium, where steel corrosion can undercut the coating over time, diminishing its effectiveness.

material cross-section of anti-corrosion zinc tape

Fields of application

Easy installation and minimum maintenance requirements are the main reasons for wide range for use of the zinc anti-corrosive tapes. They are used in production facilities like refineries and petrochemical plants where difficult environmental conditions create high risk of corrosion.

Zinc Tapes are a good alternative in the areas where traditional methods – like anti-corrosive painting – cannot be performed due to the inability of proper surface preparation, including sandblasting.

two men next pipelines in rafinery industry

Industrial tanks and pipelines

Automotive and transport industry 

Marine industry 

Hinges and bolted connections

Zinc tapes in automotive and train industry

Zinc Tapes are a good method of protecting the connections of light alloys and steel materials which is a frequent issue in the automotive and train industries.
The contact point of the light alloy and steel is often subjected to corrosion. The installation of NoRust Zinc Tape between these two layers eliminates the risk of corrosion.

two men next to the train make control


We offer three sizes of Zinc Tapes. We can provide the non-conductive version upon request. 

Technical details

  • Zinc layer thickness100 µm
  • Adhesive layer thickness60 µm
  • Total thickness (including release liner)220 µm
  • Operating temperatureFrom -25˚C to 120˚C (short time 160˚C)
  • DC Resistance49,2 mΩ ± 2,0 mΩ
  • Adhesivewater-based acrylic
  • Adhesive strength22 N/25mm , after 24h (AFERA 5001)
  • Shelf lifeUndefined

Installation instructions


  • The surface must be dry and free from corrosion, loose coatings and loose corrosion elements.
  • Surface with visible light or medium corrosion needs to be cleaned by mechanical or manual wire brushing.
  • In order to achieve an optimum functionality of NoRust Zinc tape it is important to ensure direct contact between NoRust Zinc Tape and steel.
  • Do not apply NoRust Zinc Tape when the air or metal temperate is less than 3˚C or within 3˚C of the dew point. Exposure temperature should be between -40 and +160˚C.


Zinc Tape is applied directly onto the steel structure. During the installation on flat surfaces, apply the tape on the whole surface with an overlap of a minimum 20 mm. To protect irregular shapes, Zinc tape needs to be cut to the required dimension. Apply the tape carefully to avoid air bubbles or creases. Very good adhesion is achieved by using magnetic roller applicator. The application of NoRust Zinc Tape on pipes is the fastest and most efficient when carried out by a wrapping machine. On structures where it is not possible to use the wrapping machine with tape dispenser, Zinc Tape needs to be cut and hand-applied.