two rolls of pipe marking system with black arrows and colour lines

Pipe Markers Eco

Most basic pipe marking line for standard temperatures of piping installations.

Eco Pipe Markers

AS10 Eco Pipe Markers are the most economical solution for pipeline identification. They provide clear identification of contents and flow direction of any section of the piping system.

Pipe marking tapes allow also to indicate any additional details for temperature, pressure or locations of hazardous conditions to ensure safe work environment in the marine, offshore, oil, gas and process industries.

Pipe Markers Comparision
pipeline with marker

fair resistance to weather conditions and UV rays

economical and easy to use

custom production with any texts and graphics

high quality acrylic adhesive

Protective Overcoat

The great benefit of AS10 Eco Pipe Markers is that even this basic pipe marking line ensures protection against aging and mechanical damages by the additional overcoating of the printed surface with a protective varnish. This is a significant advantage of Eco Pipe Markers over typical printing methods available on the market.

These self-adhesive markers and tapes offer fair durability, good flexibility and service temperature up to 80°C. Recommended for newly installed pipes.

protective overcoat
pipielines with valves and example of using pipe marking green tape with white arrows

Norms & Standards

A-SPE pipe identification labels can be produced in accordance with the specific requirements of our customers and can be designed to comply with one of the following regulations:


AS10 is available in 25m long rolls or cut-to-size markers, in the following options:

Customization Options

Our pipe markers and tapes can be customized in many ways.
Contact our Team if you have any special request.

  • Pipe Marking Tape with color

    Single Colour

    Represents principle colours for identification of media groups.

  • Pipe Marking Tape with color

    Multi Colour

    Multi-colour combinations, with additional colour for more detailed identification.

  • blue green pre-coiled marker and roll of pipe marker with black arrows

    Directional Arrows

    They come as multi-colour tapes or as separate flow direction rolls.

  • colour pipe marker with signs and qr code

    Fully Customized

    We offer custom dimensions, texts, graphics, QR or bar codes.

  • Technical details

    • Base materialsvinyl foil
    • Service temperature-40°C to 80°C
    • Mounting methodSelf-adhesive
    • UV resistance Good
    • Weather resistanceVery Good
    • Chemical resistanceGood
    • Seawater resistanceYes
    • Reuse after removingNo
    • Service lifetime*3-8 years
    Pipe Markers Comparision