sheet of photoluminescent duraplate material

Photoluminescent DURAPLATE®

Self-adhesive, photoluminescent, multilayered sheets with fire retardant properties.


DURAPLATE® is a premium, semi-rigid material, engineered with modified PVC.  Distinguished by its superior self-extinguishing properties,  the plates are approved with MED-certificates by DNV notifying body.

DURAPLATE® sheets are equipped with self-adhesive foam of excellent adhesive properties, which ensures a strong bond to a variety of surfaces, providing both reliability and durability in diverse environments.

These photoluminescent plates are very convenient in production of low location lines or decorative materials.

logo of marine equipment directive dnv 2014/90/eu
cross-section of the duraplate photoluminescent material
  • Regulation (EU) 2017/306 item No. MED/3.40 SOLAS 74 as amended Regulation II-2/13
  • High afterglow performance.
  • Photoluminescent layer is produced on base of new generation earth aluminates luminous pigments, UV stable.
  • Good resistance to sea water and detergents (it can be cleaned using detergents).
  • Temperature resistance from -30°C to +80°C.
  • Excellent adhesive properties.
  • Suitable for external use
  • Photoluminescent material and printed area is protected against mechanical damages by the transparent PVC.
  • The surface of the signs is protected with protective foil which can be removed after the installation.
  • Do not require any special maintenance.
  • Why DURAPLATE® ?

    Because they are awesome!

    Watch Fire Retardancy Test

    Compare the flame retardancy of our DURAPLATE with PET-based material.


    • sheet of photoluminescent duraplate material
      DURAPLATE® Photoluminescent Plate
      Order code
      1590 x 990 mm
      1,5 mm
      1,42 kg / m2

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    Photoluminescent DURAPLATE®