Maritime Signage

The wide selection of IMO safety signs, Safety Posters and Photoluminescent LLL Systems ensuring clear navigation and increased safety standards in the marine settings.

Pipe Marking

Pipe labelling provides colour-coded identification of pipes and their contents
ensuring safety, compliance and operational efficiency in the marine, offshore, oil & gas sectors. We offer three standards of Pipe Marking to satisfy the highest expectations of the market.

Safety & Warning Tapes

The extensive Safety & Warning Tapes collection designed to signal hazards, preventing accidents in various settings, including construction sites, industrial facilities,
roadways and emergency situations.

Anti-corrosion & Sealing

Anti-corrosion and Sealing products specifically designed to protect a variety of pipeline structures and metal components from corrosive conditions, in environments exposed to
salt water, high humidity and changing temperatures.

Photoluminescent Materials

Photoluminescent raw materials based on strontium aluminate, available in a variety of forms and luminance classes, ideal for the production of glow-in-the-dark paints, resins, signs or strips for Low Location Lighting Systems.

Protection & Repair

A wide range of safety marine tapes essential for pipeline protection and repair on ships, designed to prevent hazardous leaks and damages and to provide watertight seals, especially in rough sea conditions.