two rolls of antislip tapes hard surface

Anti-Slip Tapes


Easy to apply and highly durable, Anti-slip Tapes withstand constant exposure to water, salt and varying temperatures, effectively helping to prevent accidents related to slipping.

Anti-Slip Tapes

Hard Anti-Slip Tape helps to prevent accidental slips and falls due to its  excellent anti-slip and wear-resistant texture. It adheres to any surface providing increased traction for better safety and is suitable for heavy-traffic areas.

Anti-Slip Tape is designed to provide grip in varied indoor and outdoor applications, to be used on walkways, stairways, ladders, ramps and steps in warehouses, industrial facilities and marine docks. Can be especially helpful in areas that get extra slick when wet or moist. 

two rolls of antislip tapes hard surface


You can choose from wide range of different materials.

Installation instructions

  1. Make sure that the surface is smooth, clean and dry, free of oils, sand or dust.
  2.  Release a small piece of the release paper.
  3. Apply the first part of the tape to the surface and continue removing the release foil gradually.
  4. The full adhesive strength is achieved 48 hours after installation. Try to avoid heavy use of the tape during this time.
  5. In view of the many types of the surfaces where the anti slip tapes can be applied,the final user should perform his own tests to ensure that the product is suitable for his application and that meets his demands.

Technical details

  • Total thickness after application0,7mm
  • Back carrier0.1 mm PVC
  • Mineral typeAluminium Oxide
  • Operating temperatureFrom -40˚C to +80˚C
  • AdhesiveSolvent polyacrylate, permanent
  • Adhesive strength23.5 N/25mm , after 24h (180°, FINAT FTM I)
  • Elongation at break25%↑ (PSTC-3 I)
  • Tensile strength, N/25mm68.0 (Lloud, 500N load cell)
  • Tear resistance (g)5600 ±200 (PSTC-39)
  • Resistance to water, chemicals, motor oilExcellent
  • Shelf life24 months*
  • Product durability36 months


Anti-slip Tapes