two roll of warning barrier tape

Barrier Tape

Non-adhesive warning tapes commonly used to create simple barriers for temporarily cordoning off hazardous sites.

Barrier Tapes

Barrier tapes are made of durable, resilient and tear-resistant plastic, which makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor use. This non-adhesive polyethylene barrier tape acts as a barricade to prevent accidental entry into any prohibited area, thereby promoting overall safety.

Quick and easy application as well as economic aspects make barrier tapes popular in many fields of use. Thanks to the printed high-visibility warning stripes (red-white or yellow-black), the tapes are perfect for fencing off accident zones and indicating hazardous areas. They can be also used to mark off race tracks, sport events or car parks.
The tape comes packed in a transparent foil that prevents the roll from unfolding when stored.

warning barrier tape keeping in hands


You can choose from wide range of different materials.


Barrier Tapes