Aluminium Plate

Durable and long-lasting photoluminescent aluminium sheets with excellent resistance to environmental factors.

Aluminum Plates

Photoluminescent Aluminium plates are mostly used for the production of safety signs and Low Location Lighting (LLL) Systems. Their compliance with the requirements of MED ensures the luminance standards and fire-retardance properties, essential for the marine industry.

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Long lifespan

AS43 ALU Plates feature a smooth and even finish, ensuring excellent printing quality. Due to their superior resistance to varying temperatures and UV rays, these plates offer a significantly longer lifespan, up to 10 years outdoors.

Ultimate resistance

Signs made of aluminum plates require minimal maintenance. Their resistance to environmental factors means that they do not need frequent replacements or repairs, saving time and resources in the long term.

They are non-toxic, non-radioactive and hazard-free.

Afterglow performance

Due to their long periods of light decay, up to 41 hours, the photoluminescent aluminium plates provide long-lasting visibility and effectiveness during emergencies and evacuation procedures onboard vessels and in road tunnels.


The non-adhesive aluminum sheets are supplied as plates cut to various sizes, tailored to meet customer requirements, with a maximum dimension of 1000 x 600 mm. Product is custom made according to the required dimensions. Product is not suitable for cutting.

  • Photoluminescent Aluminium Plate
    Order code
    1000 x 600 mm
    1,2 mm
    3,1 kg / m2

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