two pre coiled markers printed in full color with letters, numbers and qr code

Pipe Markers  Precoiled

Most advanced pipe markers for quick and easy installation on rusty, oily and dump pipelines.

Precoiled Pipe Markers

High-performance AS12 Pre-coiled Pipe Markers are designed to provide long-term labelling solution for areas which are highly exposed to sunlight, difficult weather conditions, salt water and chemicals. They resist tearing, fading and disintegration, ensuring that the markings remain legible over time.

This helps in identifying the contents of pipes and direction of flow, which is crucial for both regular operations and emergency situations.

example of a pre-coiled marker mounted on a red steel pipe

excellent resistance to harsh weather conditions and UV rays

precoiled for easier installation

no surface preparation required

custom production with any texts and graphics

can be reused

Easy Installation

Coiled pipe markers are of special design of a non-adhesive tube, which allows an easy and quick installation, especially for large-scale projects. They are equipped with adhesive stripe only on one end, so that they do not adhere to the pipe surface, but they seal to themselves.

This design saves time, as Pre-coiled Pipe Markers do not require pipe surface preparation and can be easily removed and reapplied to other areas, also on wet, oily, cold and dusty pipelines.

example of installing a pre-coiled marker on a stainless steel pipe

Certified Top Quality

All our tapes and markers are digitally printed on ECOLOGO and GREENGUARD certified machines, at an ISO:9001 approved facility with the use of the first-rate quality materials to ensure the best performance in the most demanding environments.

ecologo greenguard iso 14726
example of a pre-coiled marker mounted on a steel pipe

Advanced Customization Options

Our production facility provides a wide spectrum of customization options. 
We are equipped to align with specific colour systems, including Pantone, RAL or Munsell, and can seamlessly integrate alphanumerical codes derived directly from Excel or CSV files. The efficiency and accessibility of information can be enhanced through additional elements on pipe markers, like barcodes or QR codes, depending on our customers' unique data requirements. 

example of pre-coiled markers next to the spectrometer and color charts

Norms & Standards

A-SPE pipe identification labels can be produced in accordance with the specific requirements of our customers and can be designed to comply with one of the following regulations:


AS12 is available in cut-to-size, pre-coiled, self-bonding markers:

Customization options

Apart from bespoke sizes, we offer AS12 Pipe Markers also with required texts, line numbers, system codes, QR codes, barcodes, taglines with additional information including packing identification numbers, project name, length of the marker or pipe OD.

  • pipe marker with signs and yellow and violet colours

    AS12 Pipe Marker with line number

  • pipe marke withe signs, black and white colours

    AS12 Pipe Marker with system code

  • colour pipe marker with signs on pipeline

    AS 12 Pipe Marker with QR code

  • pipe marker with tagline with additional identification numbers

    AS12 Pipe Markers with tagline with additional identification numbers

  • Quick and Easy

    AS12 Pre-coiled Pipe Markers offer a seamless solution for swift installation, ideal for projects requiring thousands of markers.
    With their user-friendly design, these markers ensure a hassle-free setup process, saving valuable time and effort. 

    Pipe Markers Comparision

    Technical details

    • Base materialspolyester foil
    • Service temperature-40°C to 130°C
    • Mounting methodPre-coiled, self-bonding
    • UV resistance Excellent
    • Weather resistanceExcellent
    • Chemical resistanceExcellent
    • Seawater resistanceYes
    • Reuse after removingYes
    • Service lifetime*5-20 years
    * The actual lifetime of the markers depends on the particular conditions of use. Please contact our specialists for more information.
    Pipe Markers Comparision