tube of sealing mass

Sealing Mass

Synthetic sealant mass for sealing and anti-corrosion protection.

Sealing Mass

A very convenient solution for sealing and filling external and underground electrical cable boxes.

The unique feature of Sealing Mass is that it is permanently plastic, in other words, it does not harden over time. As a result, cables can be removed from the mass at any time, with no need to cut them off.

  • Synthetic product of exceptional sealing properties.
  • Viscoelastic, does not harden, always plastic.
  • Corrosion protection properties.
  • Very good dielectric properties.
electric installation in white pvc pipe with sealing mass

specific resistance
1,4*1012 ΩM

operating temperature
-15oC to +50oC

water sealing properties

non-toxic, environmental safe

Dielectric properties

Sealing Mass offers excellent adhesion to concrete, ceramic, plastic and metal surfaces and can be used in low voltage up to 1000V. Dielectric properties tested in accordance to EN-06043-1, IEC 60250.

  • High adhesion to concrete, ceramic, metal surfaces and plastics.
  • Requires minimal surface preparation.
  • Easy and fast application.
  • Tightly fills the whole space, prevents and blocks the access of water, gas, smoke and moisture from inside the building.
  • Free of components hazardous to human health and natural environment.
electrical installation in white PVC pipes sealed in the wall

Installation instructions

  1. To apply use: caulking gun and protective gloves.
  2. Clean the surface of solid particles, dust and grease.
  3. Warm up the Sealing Mass to approx. 30° C by placing it in a bowl with hot water.
  4. Cut off the seal of the tube and screw on the applicator nozzle.
  5. Load the tube into the sealant gun.
  6. Apply the Sealing Mass evenly in between the cables or into the electrical box.

Technical details

  • Operating temperature-15°C to +50°C
  • Application temperature+10°C to +35°C
  • Density1,46 kg/dm3
  • Water absorption< 0,035 %mas
  • Breakdown voltage7,2 kV/mm
  • Volume resistivity1,4*1012 Ωm
  • Flash point> 238°C
  • Adhesion to concrete and plastics:Cohesive fracture (tearing in the layer)