Installation Guide of AS12 Precoiled Pipe Markers

The proper installation of pipe markers is essential for the effective identification of pipe contents and flow direction, which contributes to workplace safety.

The AS12 Pre-coiled Marker is the type of label that does not adhere directly to the pipe, but it fits around the pipe, adjusting to its diameter.

This makes pre-coiled markers a quick and easy to install solution for identifying fluid and flow direction, especially to corrosive, oily, greasy, or rough pipelines. AS12 markers do not require surface preparation before installation and as they are not self-adhesive as such, they do not cause damage to either the coating or to the pipe material.

We have developed two installation options for AS12 Precoiled Pipe Markers, as demonstrated in the video below.

Installation Option 1:

as12 markers installation option 01 - Knowledge Base

AS12 Pipe Marker equipped with a self-adhesive strip on the OUTER side, to secure the marker in place.

The great benefit of this design is that the marker can be reusable, so it can be easily removed and reapplied to other areas.

Installation Option 2:

as12 markers installation option 02 - Knowledge Base

AS12 Pipe Marker equipped with a self-adhesive strip on the INNER side, to secure the marker in place, without the possibility to relocate it.

These two installation methods ensure the marker is properly sealed and the adhesive strip has no contact with the pipe surface. This special design protects the seal from moisture and other environmental factors, prolonging the lifespan of markers in the challenging conditions of marine and offshore sectors.