Introducing AS12 Precoiled Pipe Markers for demanding pipe conditions

Pipe markers and tapes provide clear identification of contents and flow direction of any section of piping system to ensure safe work environment in the marine, offshore, oil & gas and process industries.

The AS12 Pipe Markers are designed specifically to withstand harsh marine conditions such as exposure to high temperatures, direct sunlight, salt, and moisture, with the last two factors typically contributing to corrosion. For ships, when dealing with new or existing pipes that are subject to corrosion, pre-coiled pipe markers present an ideal solution for marking their medium.

AS12 Pre-coiled Markers have far more advantages over standard self-adhesive pipe marking tapes, when it comes to the challenging conditions of pipelines.

Most of all, it is their self-bonding design, in the form of a tube, that allows easier and quicker installation, requiring no surface preparation. This is especially beneficial for rusty, oily and rough piping systems.

Pre-coiled markers are equipped with an adhesive stripe located only on one end, so that they do not adhere to the pipe surface. Instead, they wrap around the pipe and seal to themselves. This feature eliminates the risk of any adhesive to interfere with pipe surface and is in particular relevant to avoid corrosion under pipe labels. This makes AS12 Markers an optimal solution for FPSO vessels.

High visibility and exceptional durability lie at the core of AS12 Pre-coiled Markers due to the carefully selected materials and well-engineered production process. They retain their shape and colours, ensuring that your markings remain clearly readable, without deterioration, for a minimum of five years.

Additionally, our markers can be customized to meet specific requirements and standards, adjusting any texts, colour combinations, line numbers, QR codes, colour schemes such as Munsell Colour Code, or marker size to match respective pipe OD.

All their benefits and technical details can be further reviewed here: AS12 Pre-coiled Pipe Markers


We recommend consulting your project specification with our team to ensure the most suitable product for your needs.