Economy Dura Markers

Basic pipe marking solution for indoor and outdoor installations

We offer three standards of Dura Markers to satisfy the highest expectations of the market.


Pipe markers and tapes provide clear identification of contents and flow direction of any section of the piping system. Pipe marking allows also to indicate any additional details for temperature, pressure or locations of hazardous conditions to ensure safe work environment in the marine, offshore, oil & gas and process industries.

About Economy Pipe Markers

A cost-effective solution dedicated for indoor and outdoor use in areas with limited exposure to direct sunlight and adverse weather conditions. It offers fair durability, good flexibility and a service temperature up to 80°C.


The great benefit of AS10 Economy Dura Markers is that even this basic pipe marking line ensures protection against aging and mechanical damages by the additional process of overcoating of the printed surface with a protective varnish.  This is a significant advantage of Economy Dura Markers over typical printing methods available on the market.

Self-adhesive markers are equipped with pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive and protective release liner. Recommended for newly installed pipes.


All our tapes and markers are digitally printed at an ISO:9001 approved facility with the use of materials of the first-rate quality to ensure the best performance in the most demanding environments.

Additional protective overcoating of the printed surface
reduces paint aging and inproves scratch-resistance.

Norms and Standards

A-SPE pipe identification labels can be produced in accordance with the specific requirements of our customers and can be designed to comply with one of the following regulations:

A-SPE tapes and markers can be printed in any language based on translation provided by a customer. Each pipe marker is dedicated to a particular pipe diameter.


AS10 is available in cut-to-size markers or 25m long rolls, in the following options:

  • single-colour
  • multi-colour
  • with/ without directional arrows
  • any custom texts, graphics or QR codes
  • custom widths on demand




fair resistance to weather conditions and UV rays

economical and easy to use

custom production with any texts and graphics

high quality acrylic adhesive

Technical details

Service temperature -40°C to 80°C
Surface preparation Yes
Mounting method Self-adhesive
UV resistance Good
Weather resistance Very Good
Chemical resistance Good
Sea water resistance Yes
Reuse after removing No
Service lifetime* 3-8 years

Installation tips

Important: During application the tape should overlap 3-4 cm


Properly installed markers serve for many years and improve the level of occupational safety, helping to reduce the amount of downtime and accidents.


According to the ISO 14726:2008 regulation, the following points should be considered during the installation of pipe markers:


  1. Markers should be installed within a 3-5m distance between each marking point on a horizontal and vertical pipeline. Branched pipes or close proximity to pipes carrying different media may require a more frequent marking.
  2. In case of valves, markers should be installed at a distance of approx. 75mm from the corresponding flange.
  3. Markers should be mounted at all penetration points in walls, bulkheads or decks.
  4. Markers should be installed on each side of the pipe branch.
  5. In case of a vertical piping system, markers should be applied at a height of approx. 170cm to ensure good visibility.


The exact estimation of the quantity of markers and installation points is determined at the stage of material preparation. A-SPE specialists can offer you professional advice based on the provided pipeline scheme and detailed specifications.


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