Flex 310 M FireSeal

Permanently elastic adhesive and sealant with a fire resistance up to 120 minutes.

Flex 310 M FireSeal

AS65 Flex 310 M FireSeal is a permanently elastic adhesive and sealant based on SMP (silane-modified polymer) with a fire resistance up to 120 minutes. Tested and classified for all joint structures according to EN 1366-4.

The paint-compatible sealant with very low volume shrinkage meets the highest demands in terms of fire protection, such as the requirements of the International Maritime Organisation IMO FTPC Parts 2+5. The very low emissions allow safe indoor application. Therefore, it is a perfect solution to the marine and offshore sectors,  where low flammability quality is required.

AS65 FireSeal
is approved for use as adhesive with low flame spread characteristics, not generating excessive quantities of smoke, nor toxic products in fire. 

Fields of application

FireSeal adheres very well even to powder-coated, painted, galvanised, anodised, chromated and hot-dip galvanised surfaces. It is suitable for use on metal, plastics, concrete and wood.

It can be used in many application areas. It is suitable for fire barriers and covers, for joints in non-structural components with fire resistance requirements, for connection joints and for sealing cable ducts, pipe openings and housings.

Flex 310 M FireSeal
can also be used in other industrial areas, such as vehicle and body construction, container construction, apparatus and fittings construction, the energy and electrical industries, insulation technology and plastics technology.

Regulations & Standards

  • Regulation (EU) 2021/1158,

    item No. MED/3.18e. SOLAS 74, Reg. II-2/3, II-2/5, II-2/9 & X/3, IMO MSC/Circ. 1120, 2000 HSC Code 7 and IMO 2010 FTP Code

  • EN 1366-4
  • DIN EN 45545-2 R22/23 HL3


fire resistance
up to 120 min

Very good sealing characteristics

Excellent weathering resistance

Free of solvents, isocyanates and silicone, low odour

Low volume shrinkage

Physical properties

Base Silane-modified polymer Tensile strength 1,5 N/mm²
Colour concrete grey Tensile strength of the pure adhesive and sealant (ISO 37) 1,5 N/mm²
Cure type moisture-curing Medium lap shear strength (DIN EN 1465/ASTM D 1002) 1,2 N/mm²
Specific properties 150 g/m² uncured product / meet IMO certification Elongation at break (tensile) 225 %
Texture pasty Movement absorption max. 20 %
Flow ressistance (DIN EN ISO 7390) ≤ 3 mm Volume change DIN 52451 ≤ 3 %
Density 1,47 g/cm³ Hardness (Shore A) DIN ISO 7619 26
Curing condition from +5°C to +40°C and 30% to 95% rel. air humidity Temperature resistance -40°C to +90°C
Processing temperature +5°C to +40°C Building material class EN 13501-1 E
Curing speed (in the first 24 h) 3,0 mm Fire resistance <120 Min.
Skin-over time ~12 min. Shelf life 18 mon.

Installation instructions

Surface pre-treatment
Surfaces must be clean and free of grease, dust and dirt. Mechanical surface pre-treatment e.g. by grinding or sanding can also improve the adhesion considerably.


Use Cartridge gun for 310 ml cartridges, compressed air gun or automatic dosing systems. In order to guarantee an ideal wetting, the bonding parts/ layers need to be joined, before the adhesive skins over (skin-over time 12 min).

Maintenance and storing

When unopened and stored in normal climate (+23°C and 50% rel. air humidity), FireSeal sealants have a shelf life of 18 months.
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